"There are somethings I don't want to define me; cancer is one of them."

Ryan Matthers is the secondary main character from the first book of the quantity of blue series. He was also the main love interest of Nathan James. On June 9th, 2009, he died of brain cancer.

Early Life Edit

Ryan was born on December 20, 1991 to Eva and John Matthers. When he was eleven years old, his younger three year old sister, Nora, died after getting hit by a car that did not see her as she was crossing the street.

He had stage two brain cancer at thirteen, causing him to lose a majority of his friends, which also led to him being excessively bullied in middle school. It eventually was treated and went away.

His sophomore year he transferred to Crownsville High School to stop the bullying. Unfortunately it continued a little.

This is where he met Nathan James.

Death Edit

Ryan had a seizure and became unresponsive, leading to him flat-lining. After several attempts to resuscitate, including an attempt by Nathan, Ryan died in the late afternoon of June 9th 2010.